Bootleg TLROM (60pin)

Bootleg TLROM (60pin)
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well i am getting a lot of pirate famicarts (single games) from a friend living in argentina.
80% are nrom games with Epox-Based boards.
The rest are PROM-Based boards.
In this case i use a TLROM game (Robocop 1) cuz this is a dupe in my cart set, and i am trying to put any Mapper4 game (Rokman5 if possible).
(HUGE image)

epox Ic seems to be the "mapper" i mean.

I was able to remove CHR chip out of pcb. and before to do anything.. i decide to read this rom first. and i am having some problems like this:

all 27c010 supported ICs in my chip burner are dip-32 so:
since this is a 28-pin chip, I used the 27c512 model (having a smartpro x5). the dump is perfect but first 64kb only.
this chunk is identical than first 6kb in chr data from official dump of robocop 1 J.

it means pinout is to be used directly with eeproms.

there are a picture from rear of my Pirate TLROM:
(HUGE image)

two switches for 28-32pin ICs maybe.....

da question:
can i use 27c020? (padding rom file and dipswithing the board obviously)

any member having experience doing things with boards like this?