Has anyone ever actually seen these? (mapper 19)

Has anyone ever actually seen these? (mapper 19)
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Has anyone seen any of the following?
  • Namco(t) 106
  • Namco(t) 175 not as epoxy blob
  • Namco(t) 340 not as epoxy blob
If so, might you provide a picture? It's weird that the family seems to be named after a parent IC that I've found no direct evidence for.

I did find http://nesdev.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=7727 already, where naruko has RE'd a pinout for n175 and n340, and a picture of n129. Also his blog at http://d.hatena.ne.jp/na6ko/. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble parsing what's being said through a computer translation.

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Perhaps you could browse bootgod's database for pictures? There are some blob free namco chips there.

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I could have sworn I looked through that and didn't see them. Oh well. The question about the N106 stands.

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N106 does not exist as "N106".

The part number is C163. (Custom 163)

on this thread http://nesdev.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=8570 I documented the pinout for the chip, even.

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Interesting, I've never seen a packaged 129 yet. Must be pin compatible with the 163 at least. Still have yet to see one labeled a 106, which all m19 games used to be referred as... Would be great to see those docs translated to english.

Regarding your PM about mapper 19/210 and mirroring, may as well post it here:

Games that use the 175 or 340 used to be marked as mapper 210 in DB. I recall Marty/Nestopia suggesting that the 175/340 were stripped down versions of the 163. Unfortunately a lot of the misc. registers in question reside in the same space part of the copynes BIOS gets mapped into, so I cannot test them. Though from what I can tell from naruko's docs, this might actually be the case.

Anyways, Marty later said they could all be emulated as m19 and he dumped m210 from Nestopia and I followed suit. All the 163 carts I've run into use software mirroring and all 175/340 carts use hard-wired mirroring. Probably wouldn't be any harm in changing them back to 210.

BTW here is a result set showing all m19 games in DB right now (w/ hardware info / pcb pic).