Usb CopyNes issues getting it to work with windowsxp

Usb CopyNes issues getting it to work with windowsxp
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Have a Usb CopyNes modded NES , it sees the usb port fine, drivers fdti loaded. Can play game through copynes gui on windows xp (real xp install not a virtual machine), When I try to dump the cartridge it give me an unknown sector error after dumping the CHR? then the program crashes and gives me the "report this to windows" message. Can anyone provide any insight please? :?
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Try it on a different system
tried other systems
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Tried on windows xp and windows xp virtual machine on a mac and get files that dump to 0kb. On a linux system I was able to complile copynesl and it dumps but only to 16kb. Could this be some kind of soldering or connection issue? The games play normally, I can even go to play mode while in the copynes menu, version prints out fine on copynes menu, nes dumps just showing up short.

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I just got a copynes a few days ago. Installed it having the same trouble. With my nes hooked to tv and usb disconnected the game plays. With usb hooked up, game plays after clicking play game on software. After exiting play game mode, I try to dump the game and it goes through the motions and says dump complete but all i have is a 16 byte file that looks to be a file with a nes header followed by 0's. I'm using the software, usb copynes host 4.0.1, downloaded from retrousb. Same place I bought the copynes from. Any help would be appreciated.
Still not good
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Used two different motherboards and two different nes cpus, soldiered everything nice and clean, using a multimeter Ive check it a few time all connections are good nothing bridging. Ive use a real winxp install, ubuntu 11.10 server with copynesl, winxp and the same ubuntu on a virtual machine on a mac and I couldnt get it working on a mac at all with the source of copynesl. Still all my dumps are 16kb on linux machines with copynesl and 0kb on any windows xp machine with the standard copynes 4.0 software from retrousb site. This has happened now to two different people with two different machines. The only thing the changed is that I tried using a usb hub which allowed one game dump to 128kb but then fails with a 31 or 118 error. Is there a place on the linux or windows install cof copynes where we can find log files or turn logging on?
Still same issue
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yet another motherboard and chip set, used new female chip connector, same result, all roms rip to 16 bytes, very frustrating! I cant find help anywhere on this.

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does the game play fine without being hooked up to the PC?

I use my copynes exclusively on my mac inside parallels (VM) with no issues.
game plays fine always
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The game plays hooked or not hooked up. By itself flawless from nes to tv, on pc I can also play the game flawless from the xp gui of copynes when using the play button and on the copynesl software with copynesl -p command. It seems to dump fine in on copynesl until I find its only a 16 byte file... every time and ive used 3 different motherboard and cpu sets.

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believe we have defective copynes's. I've tried it on 3 different Nintendo's on 4 different computers, all with the same results.

I emailed the below and hopefully will get a quick and helpful response.

The copynes I bought from you does not work correctly. I have tried it on 3 different nintendo's, on 4 different computers, on every usb port, and it will not dump cart. I have tried many games. Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt for example. I start copynes and it says:
querying usb copynes bios version
waiting for reply...
usb copynes identified as version 4
I press play cart and game starts and I get a pop the says:
playing game - press ok to terminate.
So I press ok to return to copynes mode.
I then press dump cart and select:
Category - Nintendo: less common mappers
Plugin - NES-MHROM: globtops, LS161,64K RPG, 16 CHR (SMB/DH) (66)
I have opened and verified this is the cart I have.
I then press ok and name dump SMBHD and press ok again.
I then get a screen that says:
resetting usb copynes...
unloading any existing plugin...
resetting usb copynes...
running plugin...
dump complete!
but nothing happens on upload/download progress bar.
then I press ok and i get a popup that says:
.NES created successfully!
but all I have is a 16 byte file and after looking at it in a hex editor all the file is a file with a nes header followed by a bunch of zeros.

How do i go about exchanging for a working one or returning it for a refund. I prefer to exchange for working unit.

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I was able to reach retrousb on aim and got a quick reply.
Found him on IRC and gave him info
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well I gave em some dumps I made, did he give you info on getting new units? Ive also emailed and got no response on getting anew device yet. Geeze I mean I just want to dump my nes carts I own and back them up.
no response yet
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Talked to him briefly on IRC, can dump fine and all other functions seem to work. Im going to order another and see what happens.

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Got my copynes back today and just tried it and it dumped games no problems. :D
Now all I need are some chips to put my hacks on.
Usb CopyNes issues getting it to work with windowsxp
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How long did it take for you guys to get a reply from retrousb, Im having the exact same issue with my usbcopynes, and haven't had any replys to my email.

what did you have to do in order to get it to work.

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Contact him on aim.