$50 O-Scope and Logic Analyzer

$50 O-Scope and Logic Analyzer
by on (#80907)
Hi folks! I just read about the XMEGA XProtoLab. It's a $50 matchbox-sized mixed-mode O-Scope and Logic Analyzer.

This is way over my skill level, so I'll not be investing in one, but I thought the readers of this board might like to check it out.

What say the hardware gurus? Is this thing junk or newbie-perfect?

by on (#80926)
Perfect for learning SMT soldering? Sure.

But I wouldn't personally use a purely microcontroller-based 'scope, logic analyzer, or function generator though; the bandwidth micros can support just isn't high enough.

by on (#80930)
Over the past year I've been building various boards that tie into the NES. I picked up an old Hitachi 20MHz analog scope and it's by far the most useful tool in my collection. I'd love to pick up a logic analyzer like the one you referenced, but I can honestly say I wouldn't have been able to get to the point I'm at without an analog scope.

by on (#80943)
Its bandwidth limit for analogue is <1mhz. Is this a useful unit, then?