how to make an nes dev card for ff1 ?

how to make an nes dev card for ff1 ?
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hello all,

i'm new in cart modding nes and i want make my cart modding ff1 in fr but i have no idéar how to make it ,could some one can explain me please ?

sorry for my poor english !

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Does a FF1 french translation even exist?

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yes look here ... ortby=name

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some body can help me please ?

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You have to find a cart that uses the same board as FF1, which uses a SNROM board. You have to remove the original ROMs from this board. List of games and their boards here.

Then you get your translated ROM, extract the contents of the PRG chip and the CHR chip from it (with an hex editor or some other tool) and burn those to EPROMs using an EPROM programmer. Do you have an EPROM programmer? I doubt you'd be willing to buy one just to make one cart. Unless you plan on making other carts in the future.

Well, then you solder the EPROMs to the board, rewiring some pins to the correct holes (I believe there is an EPROM conversion guide in the NESDEV page).

Now, does the translated ROM run in PAL systems? I'm assuming you have a PAL NES, so you must make sure the game will work with it. Set your emulator to PAL mode and see what happens, the same thing will probably happen when you get it running on your NES. If it does work, you can perform the steps I mentioned above.

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thanks tokumaru for your explain ,yes i have an eprom programer and my rom wase translate in french but i'm not sure i have made the correct work for the chr and pgr i have a soft for this : and after i made the convert i have 2 files 1 prg and 1 chr but i don't no if the files are good or not, can't you tell me if an emulator can run chr and pgr files for test it of cause i eraze the header .

thanks a lot :D

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FF1 will work terribly on a PAL NES without prior hacking. Translations does just change text - they don't adjust the timing and raster effect for PAL timing.
You should either :
- Buy an american NES and a TV that supports NTSC (troublesome)
- Hack the game so that it will run as exepted on a PAL console (FF1 uses LOTS of various raster effects but that should be doable)
- Content to play the game emulated and make a devcart for another game you like instead

In case if you would take step 2, here you are a list of what should be changed :
1 - Pitch adjustement of notes
2 - Raster effects for when wrapping from a map to another
3 - Raster effects for when textboxes comes up
4 - Raster effects on the intro/credits screen
5 - Light beam effect for when an orb is taken (it's probably almost impossible to make it look like it's NTSC counterpart but it's only seen 4 times in the game and almost no emulators support it)

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arf I had not seen things as it, but if i switch my nes is it good or not ? 50hz /60 hz

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Whow, I didn't know FF relied on timing that much! Well idrik, it just seems like too much trouble getting it to run on a PAL NES! If you can get your console to run at 60Hz it should work... does your NES have a switch for that?

As for telling if the PRG an CHR files are correct, the best thing to do would be to put a ROM together again. On the command prompt you can type "copy /b game.hdr + game.prg + game.chr game.nes", provided that you have all three parts (.hdr is the 16-byte header, .prg is the PRG-ROM and the .chr is the PRG-ROM). If your tool did not output the header, just copy the first 16 bytes of the original .nes file with an hex editor. If the resulting file works, the split files are probably good, and you can proceed to program the PRG and CHR chips.

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thank tokumaru for the help i test that and i say to you if it's work ;)

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tokumaru wrote:
If you can get your console to run at 60Hz it should work... does your NES have a switch for that?

The NES PPU has no "50/60 switch". It would have taken an extra pin on the PPU's connector, and pins were (and still are) one of the most expensive things on an IC package.

If only Nintendo made the PAL NES CPU's clock divider run at 1/15 instead of 1/16, then a lot of the problems wouldn't have been as big.

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tepples your right i make search and i don't see anything nes swich and i don't now what i must to do ? buy us nes i think it's the one way

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tepples wrote:
The NES PPU has no "50/60 switch".

Which is why I asked... I found it weird when he said he'd "switch his NES".

I don't know, maybe it was a modded console with both PPU's in it and a switch to select the active one...

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Well, fix the timings for FF1 to PAL shouldn't be THAT complicated (assuming the translators left some bytes for additional code in the main PRG bank). I've fixed the timing for FF2 and FF3 sucessfully so far, and FF1 should use the same kind of routines.

The problem is that all FF1 roms I have are so much messy because I patched many hacks and translation to all of them so it's pretty much a huge mess, so I can hardly come in with a PAL-fix IPS patch for FF1 right now.

Also, with good EPROM programmers, software is packaged so that you can load a whole .NES file in the buffer and specify the correct starting adress (0x10 for PRG) and removes the need to split files.

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if you want i can send you my rom ,it's Final Fantasy (U) [!].nes patch is here on

if you want my rom
[URL removed:
1. Don't link to full commercial roms; it's against the rules.
2. Rapidshare sucks, if only because of its CAPTCHA. I've read better about megaupload.
-- MOD]

or can you tell me what i must to do for fix

sorry for the rom :oops:

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idrik wrote:
I've read better about megaupload.

Megaupload sucks just as bad, if not worse!

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Well, don't worry I'll try to make a PAL adjustement of FF1 when I reach home again. I'd just be sure which translation patch to use. The old Wild Ham patch I used to play FF1 back then was average. The Final Translation seems the best patch I remember of, because they made good names for weapons and all matching later games in the series. However I have downloaded it a long time ago (maybe they made newer version since then) and applied more patch to the game, so I don't know how reliable this will be.
I even started to make my own FF1 hack/translation back then but I gave up and lost almost everything, and now my FF1 folder is a big mess. (I remember having hacked the game to remove menu's music and matain the normal music in it hehe)

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ok i wait after you ,tell when your ready ,thanks for your help and tokumaru to

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So yeah I've made a patch so that music and raster timing is ported to PAL as accurately as I could :
Hope it'll work for you.
Enjoy playing the great game that FF1 is.

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thank bregalad your verry Helpful, I think has a seen thing that you is Swiss you speak French can be ?

for apply your ips fix,i must apply before or after the ips trade fr and is for this rom Final Fantasy (U) [!].nes ?

just to be sure

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Yes, I'm swiss and speak french.
I guess it doesn't matter in which order you apply patches, because translation modifies the text data, while my patch changes some code in the core of the gamplay code. You can patch it after the translation without problems, patches shouldn't conflict.

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thanks a lot and read your mp ;)