Controller Exchange for an FC Game Console (neo fami)

Controller Exchange for an FC Game Console (neo fami)
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Basically, I have a broken famicom lying around my house so i recently orded an FC Game Console to put inside the famicom shell (as to avoid having to use power converters everytime i want to play my famicom games), which SHOULD be the easy part.

The part I'm NOT sure how to complete is that the FC Game Console/Neo Fami does not use standard nes ports. If it did, I'd just plug in some nes pad on the inside and change the shell for the controller to the famicom pads. No, the fc game console uses a 9 pin output like a genesis controller.

This controller is whats getting the axe

SO, what i was planning on doing was cutting off the male end of one of the super 8 pad's that come with the Neo Fami and rewiring one of the useless famicom pads to the end so i could play famicom games with a famicom pad. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to guesswork my way through this.

I guess my questions are:
How do i identify which controller wires do what?
How do i identify which controller wires correspond to which? (maybe those are even the same question?)

I basically just need help and everything I've read on these messageboards over the past two years leads me to believe that someone here might be able to.


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Found this on the Famicom side of the boards (by luck more than anything)


SO, if i can only find the corresponding information for the super 8 pad, then i can just wire and be done. Yes, I'll lose microphone function on controller 2 but im willing to lose that...

If i can't find this information tho, does anyone have any idea on how to identify what wire does what on my super 8 controller through trial and error? I am so lost when it comes to electrical workings...