Need NES adapter info

Need NES adapter info
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I have a NES 2 and the adapter is broke and I lost it, so I need info on the adapter. Like the current of the adapter so I know what tip to use, and volt info.

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It's the same adapter the original NES used. AC9V, 850mA (this is less than the original @ 1.3A, but it doesn't matter).

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luckily, this is true. When I got my top-loader it didn't come with a power supply, so I just tried the one of my regular NES and it worked fine. I guess I shouldn't try that kind of stuff without asking first! =)

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what current?

is it like +)---(- or -)---(+?

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The NES accepts AC, so a DC adaptor of either polarity will also work (I've used several over the years, including one from a Sega Genesis).

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Shit my universal adapter is 600ma

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600mA is barely enough, but it will be fine. You could probably draw 800mA from your adapter if you had to but the voltage will fall. Since NES have an AC rectifier, you need at least 8.4V supply (7V for the regulator, 0.7V for each diode) for the regulator to work.

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I dunno...I tried a similar adapter when I was a kid, and it caused a loud hum in the audio.

You'd probably be better off in the long run finding a Genesis adapter (the old model 1602, NOT the newer one with the yellow tip!). They seem to be fairly common, at least around here.

(side note: I seem to have acquired a couple of 1602-1 Genesis adapters over the years. They are completely identical to the older 1602 and have the same 1.2A rating, but output 10V instead of 9V. This wouldn't be enough to damage an NES, would it?)

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BMF54123 wrote:
This wouldn't be enough to damage an NES, would it?)

Nope, 7805 are supposed to regulate up to 30V or so, but I don't think at the current required by a game console. Ideally you want a 9V adapter since it's close to the bare minimum needed for a rectified 7805 circuit and since many supplies are off spec anyway, I wouldn't chance anything more than a 12V for extended periods of time. The more the regulator has to drop, the more heat has to be dissipated.

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I thought it was pretty smart that Nintendo put a full wave bridge rectifier in the NES, so you can use any polarity and voltage from 9-14V (anything higher would start making the regulator hot!).

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120v input
15v output

shit that sounds like too much but I sworn I saw a white adapter that worked with the NES but it seemed higher than the regular NES adapter, but this one sounds way too high, but it is 800ma