We need to bug tototek

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What I'm saying is that the need for soldering is discouraging programmers from entering the NES scene.

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That's true, however unrelated. ;) ToToTek should build an NES cart.. it'd be expensive but it'd be a stable way to run games. Plus, since theirs usually hold 4 or 8 MBytes, that's a hell of a lot of NES games. :P

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If they could've they would've.

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I'm not so sure about that. An NES or SMS flash cart wouldn't be the hardest thing to make, they haven't attempted ANYTHING older or newer than 16-bit systems.

EDIT: hm, it seems they have an SMS/GG cart now..

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Epicenter wrote:
I'm not so sure about that. An NES or SMS flash cart wouldn't be the hardest thing to make

An NES cart, even a single-mapper cart, was hard to make until CIClone came out. But I'm splitting this.

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If making an NES cart that is at least almost universal was easy, a shitload of places would have made them by now. It would sell more than any other retro flash cart. All we've seen so far is a bunch of attempts, but nothing that's come to fruition.

Tomy likes money, and he likes helping the community. If he could have released a flash cart by now, like Kyuusaku said, he would have.

Of course, I'm sure he'd be open to discussion about distributing one someone else makes, or even pointing you in the direction of cheap production if he gets a cut. One could always ask him.


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I'm sure of it. Famicom was Tomy's top priority. The guy who developed all the old flash products has been gone for over 3 years now.

Without a doubt, FC/NES is also the second hardest cassette based home console to make a universal playback device for; the first being Neo Geo ROM cassettes.