Mapper 189

Mapper 189
by on (#20326)
Hi, i owe a game wich i'd like to dump because it's not dumped yet but there's no plugin for it (i have a copynes) so i guess i'll have to write it on my own, or at least i'll try ^^¿. I think the game uses mapper 189 because it's a hack of txc/microgenius' thunderwarrior. I've been looking for info about it but i haven't found anything :? ¿is there any place were i can find info about it? ¿any advice wich could help me to write it?

Thanks in advance.


by on (#20343)
If you can find the specifics of how the mapper works, I can help you out. I suppose one could figure it out from looking at the source of an emu that supports it.

by on (#20370)
I've done a better search and i found this at

Used by Master Figher 2, and Street Fighter 2. There are three Master Fighter 2 versions, the 1st works as described below, the 2nd works but has distorted background, the 3rd doesn't work - ROM addresses appear corrupted (?). And, Street Fighter 2 works completely different - uses Ports 4132h for ROM, and 4122h/4123h for VROM (?) Anyways, the one working one works as such:
610xh Select 32K ROM Block (D7-D0 should match A7-A0, eg. [6103h]=03h)

The rest of the mapper is same as MMC3 (for the selected block of memory),


so may be modifying the mm3 pluging simplifies things :D

btw, fceu ultra (the one released by ca4h3) supports that mapper.