220 in 1 dump

220 in 1 dump
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I have purchased the Kazzo cartridge "INL Retro" Dumper-Programmer, and It seems to not working on my computer using the Anago wx software. However I have a problem dumping a copy of "220 in 1" Do anyone have some tips for how to do it? i have tryed every script and it didnt work. can anyone help my?
Re: 220 in 1 dump
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Please provide good quality photos of PCB of your cartridge from both sides, there are no fortune-tellers.
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Here i have the pictures from the pcb
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After briefly analyzing the PCB I would assume:
I would assume
[vmPPPPPPp] register ($8000-$ffff ?)
 ||+++++++- 16K/32K PRG bank (p ignored in 16k mode)
 |+-------- mirroring (no idea if 0=V or 0=H)
 +--------- PRG mode (no idea if 0=16K or 0=32k)

so please write proper script for that.

* There is CHR-RAM but it is write-protected in some modes
* Does the cartridge contains UNROM Games (Contra?)
* There is reset detection circuitry so it need to be bypassed for the dumping (shorting or opening capacitor, depending on the connection which I don't see casue of bad light at bottom-right corner of top layer of cartridge - near the diode)
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There are on unrom games on it.
And here i have pic of the capacitor.
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So finally I think it is:
Image Image Image

  $8001      $8000        (mask: $8001)
[......wP]  [PmvPPPPp]
       ||    ||||||||
       |+----+||+++++- 16K/32K PRG bank (p ignored in 32k mode)
       |      |+------- PRG mode (0=32K,1=16K)
       |      +-------- mirroring (0=V,1=H)
       +--------------- 1=CHR-RAM is write protected
On power up & reset, both registers are cleared

In order to dump it, you need to
1) Short the capacitor
2) try this script (warning - I don't see in FCEUx source any mapper number that follows this description, so probably new mapper need to be assigned & emulator modified)
board <- {
  mappernum = 255,
  cpu_rom = { size_base = 2097152, size_max = 2097152, banksize = 0x4000 },
  ppu_rom = { size_base = 0, size_max = 0, banksize = 0 },
  ppu_ramfind = false, vram_mirrorfind = false

function cpu_dump(d, pagesize, banksize) {
  for (local i = 0; i < pagesize; ++i) {
    cpu_write(d, 0x8000, (i & 0x1F) | (1 << 5) | ((((i >> 5) & 1) << 7)));
   cpu_write(d, 0x8001, (i >> 6) & 1);
   cpu_read(d, 0x8000, banksize);

Re: 220 in 1 dump
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It didnt work it say reader open error
And i have the capacitor shorting
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I am not familiar with kazzo errors but maybe try the updated script above.
BTW. Does the cartridge with shorted capacitor works in console?
Re: 220 in 1 dump
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roytje13 wrote:
It didnt work it say reader open error

That means anago is unable to communicate with the kazzo. Here are a few common cases: it is not connected properly, it is not set in the correct mode, it was not flashed with the original kazzo firmware or the software setup was not completed.
I'm assuming the drivers were not properly installed. You should attempt to follow INL guide again and making sure you do every step and that they are successful.
Also you might want to make sure you can dump some random generic game, like Super Mario Bros. (as NROM) before attempting anything else.
Re: 220 in 1 dump
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MLX does it work on windows 10 64x
Re: 220 in 1 dump
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It should? I tested it on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 it worked like a charm. I'm pretty sure you haven't properly installed the associated software/drivers.
Re: 220 in 1 dump
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i have super mario bros 3 (pal)
i reinstaled the drivers and it didnt work
wat should i do?
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Try another computer? Does your kazzo has a switch? Which position is it in?
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its on run pos.
i have an other pc with win 98
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I can try to run it on vurtual windows xp
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The RUN position is correct. So unless your kazzo is defective, which I don't believe is true, the problem should be with the software setup.

I have thought about it a bit and maybe you forgot to flash your kazzo with the original firmware. Change the switch position, plug it in and open original kazzo.bat (or similarly named file). Change back position to run after unplugging it and try again with anago. Test it with SMB3 with mmc3 script.
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it say in the cmd
The system can not find the specified path.

i checkt the pad and its correct.

what can i do?
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try update device drivers.
kazzo working win10 64bit OS.

but kazzo Existing firmware not dump all fc/nes cart.
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i have this version now i cant find anyting better