NES overclock problem

NES overclock problem
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Hey folks!

So I've recently spent a bit of time today attempting to overclock my extra NES. However, I'm slightly disappointed in the outcome. I used a modified version of the guide here First off, the system still works, and prior to the mod I never had any issues. I kept the original speed and added a 27 MHz and a 36 MHz oscillator, but did not put in a 4th clock. Also, as a change to the guide, I used one dip switch (had to be one with 8 cuz radioshack didnt have anything else and I didnt wanna wait for an online purchase again lol) and two toggle switches because I like the look better. Depending on the outcome of my problem, I may just switch it out to have all toggles.

There are two issues I'm having.

The first, and one that actually bothers me, is that now I have a waterfall-like scanline problem on both the 2.7MHz and original. I'd upload a video right now, but my phones being annoying. I've it hooked up to the coaxial of an hdtv and never had the issue before. I'm just not sure if this is caused by a poor solder joint or something else, so I figured you guys'd be more knowledgeable with finding the problem. Now that it comes to me, I do have it completely taken apart and the metal RF shields are not in place... and its right by my wireless router... dunno if that can cause something like that.

My 2nd problem is the 36MHz oscillator works and you can play, but it displays all garbled graphics. I did read that too fast a clock will do this to some games, but thought I aimed a bit lower than that cap. If I'm wrong and just put in too fast of a clock, that'd make sense, however I just wanna run that by you guys as well. I honestly, only tried a few games, Super mario 3 (original cart), and two repros I made of Mario Adventure and egypt. Neither of the marios displayed anything readable, but egypt was partially displayed properly.

Like I said, the only one that really bothers me is this waterfall thing going on. Two of them work fine and I did test the 27MHz on the infamous mario 3 spot (world 1-2) and it seems to work decently. I'll upload a video later if I can get my phone to stop being stupid. I can also upload any photos if you guys want.


EDIT: heres a video. Sorry for the shoddy video quality. The squeaking is birds outside so you can disregard that, but near the beginning you can see the "waterfall" I'm talking about. Its much more prevalent than in this video, which doesnt show it well. Also, disregard the giant mess of wires, I didnt clean that up yet lol.

EDIT #2: Ok, so sorry for running off to bother you guys so quickly. I'm a jackhole. It was the wireless router. I set the thing on the floor 3 feet farther away and theres no more "oh look you have and old busted up tube tv" look anymore heh.
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Make your wires shorter. The wireless router was maybe doing some of it, but clock signals are sensitive and shouldn't be run around such a noisy area like that.
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What he said. Try to isolate the wires and definetely try to reduce their lenght.
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Good stuff, thanks guys!