mask rom HN62308

mask rom HN62308
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I have done searches for this MASK ROM and can't find any data sheets.
I have a Pirate cart (Famicom) that is 100 in 1 (I think) and it has these 3 mask roms HN62308BP

Need to figure out if they are they are standard Eprom type pin out or NES pin out or ???

Any one have this info??

Re: mask rom HN62308
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My best guess is that it is EPROM compatible. I'm basing that on the fact that the HN62302BP is standard JEDEC pinout and HN62302DP is Nintendo custom pinout. The roms in your pirate cart would appear to be 8Mbit (1MB) so a 27C080 type EPROM should be compatible.
Re: mask rom HN62308
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