EPROM Buyer's Guide

EPROM Buyer's Guide
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I'm interested in making a few repo carts for myself and had a quick question.

I've noticed while looking at different EPROM chips such as 27c512 and have noticed that some models have a letter like M27c512 in front of it. Should i be concerned with this letter? I know what EPROMs are needed for the carts i want, but i don't want to make the simple mistake of buying the wrong ones.

What should i be looking around for when buying NES and SNES EPROMS?

I'd also like to know what people think between the top853 and gq-4x programmer. There is about a $50 difference between and I'd like to make a few nes/snes repos.
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brand letters don't matter as long as they have the same basic part number (or equivalent interchange). pinouts are standardized.

I have a top853. it's worked very well for me. I've heard it has issues with vista or 64 bit operating systems. I'm trucking along on an old winxp laptop. it's also limited to 8 bit chips, which is fine for NES. but it can't do 16 bit chips for genesis or some of the bigger snes carts.
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EPROM datasheets are your friends. Google the number ID and you'll find the datasheet, you can check out the pin layout.

Very useful stuff. I use it all the time for any chip, etc.
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Not all UVEPROMS (or EEPROMs) use the same programming method when made by different manufacturers. But that should only matter if you're building your own programmer.