,, etc.,, etc.
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Any old links from here, the Wiki, or even my page beginning with should have heir beginning changed to

Though at the moment seems to be down. I hope this is temporary.
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I was wondering - just yesterday I was trying to reach some of your APU documentation and had to go to the Google cached version. 8-)
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by on (#106351) is down right now (here).
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Now I just have to wait for to come back up so that these pages can get fixed.
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Well, it appears that is probably down for good. It was very generous of the owner to give me that site without charge from around 1997 to about a week ago, over 15 years total. Now I'm left finding another (free) host. My site didn't use much bandwidth, to my knowledge, as the largest things I hosted were zips of my source code. Anyone have any offers? I'm concerned that if say offered me a subdomain, that it would be unfair to not offer others one as well. I'd like to avoid using a "free" provider, due to ads etc.
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I have spare hosting capacity if you need a new web home. I use a paid service so no ads etc.

(edited: in case it wasn't clear, I wouldn't charge for the hosting, it would be free :) )
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Thanks to everyone who offered me free web hosting. With WhoaMan's help I've restored my website as well as copies of all the older ones I've had. You can do a find-and-replace to fix any links to the old sites:

      Old                       New

For example, becomes

I believe that I've fixed all the old links on my site. I'll leave it to others to fix any on this board (any mass find-and-replace the admin can do?) and the Wiki.
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Wiki fix can start here:
parodius | slack
(no ripway or fileave)

EDIT: Parodius and Slack are done on the wiki.
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Oh great, is up again, after weeks of being totally dead. So I've got to decide how to handle this...

I'll keep all the NES/SNES code/test ROMs on the new site, since that's on the same host as, and not linked from my public site anyway. I'll keep my main site at, since so much stuff links to it. I'll put some links on it though that direct people to my mirror in case goes down again.

public site:
nes/snes source/test roms: