Edonkey shut down.

Edonkey shut down.
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Only reason I'm posting this here is that one of the nesdev site mirrors is Edonkey-based.

Edonkey Shuts Down
One p2p chapter ends, another begins

Posted 2005-09-29 16:18:49

MetaMachine president Sam Yagan yesterday stated before Congress that his company was throwing in the towel. Yagan claimed that he and other upstart p2p companies "simply couldn't afford the protracted litigation needed to prove my case in court under Grokster." He warned the record industry that the "next generation of open P2P applications will travel even further down the road of anonymity and secrecy." You can read his entire testimony over at p2pnet.


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So I guess the ed2k network is now the domain of eMule. Who actually used the ed2k client anyway after eMule gained prominence?

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eDonkey the client has died, but eDonkey the network lives on.