Can't read goroh's files

Can't read goroh's files
by on (#51499)
I would like to read some docs written by goroh. Especially the one that treats of MMC3.

The problem is that the encoding format seems to have been corrupted cause there are plenty of weird characters such as "ƒy[ƒW‚ÌŽw’è’PˆÊ‚ÍCHR‚̏ꍇ1Kbyte".

How can I read goroh's files?

by on (#51500)
They're in Japanese, and you're seeing mojibake. The florin signs you're seeing are due to the text editor misinterpreting Shift JIS, a character encoding in common use in Japanese versions of Windows especially before the switch to UTF-16 and UTF-8, as Windows code page 1252. You need to use a text editor that can change the character encoding.

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Ok, that is what I concluded after few researches. Thanks for your answer :D : it gives me the encoding format was. I should be able to read this file with Notepad++...

Meanwhile, I was working on kevtris' doc.

When I finish to read his work, I'll go back to goroh's :)