People leeching ("mirroring") the site.

People leeching ("mirroring") the site.
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In the past 2-3 weeks we've begun to see an increase in the number of visitors -- particularly foreign ones -- who are moronic fuckheads and can't seem to figure out that they should just download the entire sites' content on a weekly basis via FTP.

Memblers, please increase the size + add bold (or something) of the notice on the home page that requests people not recursively download nesdev.

Also, FWIW, it's not just nesdev -- NESWorld is seeing the same problem, albeit way WAY less often than here.

I really do not want to have to deploy software that monitors how many requests someone has sent the site within a period of 30 seconds and blocks them if they exceed a threshhold. Such things are a nightmare to maintain...

There, I've finished venting. :D

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Is there a newer version of the nesdev archive available on ed2k for me to mirror?

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tepples wrote:
Is there a newer version of the nesdev archive available on ed2k for me to mirror?

Nope, actually I was waiting to update that until after I do a small overhaul of the site. But I've been caught up in doing a lot of other stuff, there's no telling when I'll be able to do it properly. Mostly I need to reorganize my local directories, heh, I'd probably have an easier time just downloading the weekly site ftp for a clean copy.

For fun though, here's my transfer stats for the ED2K mirrors:
Dec_15th_2003 copy: 4.41GB
Feb_7th_2003 copy: 2.18GB

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OK, I made the notice a bit more noticable, heheh. I forgot to upload it until just now, d'oh. I hope it makes somewhat of a difference though.

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Thanks man. Better than nothing. :-)