Loopy's disappearing posts

Loopy's disappearing posts
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I've read (but not really retained - there were sooooo many) almost every post in these forums over the past few weeks. I've noticed that almost all (if not all) of "loopy's" posts were removed around August 20, 2008. Any idea why? I gather that loopy is some sort of guru - so this loss of information seems puzzling and unfortunate.

So far, my favorite post series was the reverse engineering of the CIC chip. Freaking awesome stuff guys! I've heard that the Russians tried to RE the 8086 via high-res photos of the CPU core back in the 70's. But to read about it for use here was just phenomenal (even if the breakthrough came from the 'test' mode of pin #4). Anyway... much respect.

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*Perhaps* he's "quitting the scene"..? Too bad. :(

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I don't think so... He posted today. But I'm not saying anything for sure, because I'm not loopy.

And also, he has 77 posts it seems. From looking at the posting history, anything before August 18th 2008 has been cleared of content. It looks to have been cleared by him, or someone using his profile. Strange...

Perhaps Loopy would like to explain? If not, that's okay. Just curious, though.