questions for admin

questions for admin
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question one: what type of style phpbb nesdev uses????
where can i download a style like nesdev www thread???

question two: i would like create a website for Chile called nesdev Chile-Hispano.. this site will be in spanish for all spanish people that dont understand english..

But my specific question is:

can i use name "nesdev" Chile???..

In order to nesdev dont have problems i will write in my page: "this site dont have connections with and it's a independent project".. or if you wanna any connection with nesdev chile, you say me..

In my country there are people that knows snes and nes, or another who would like learn it, but any people is really bad on another foreign language and dont like english language.. then it's very good get a project for chilean programmers in spanish language..

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Yeah, nesdev Chile sounds fine. As long as the site is good (not having tons advertisements and all that stuff) and has interesting stuff, I'd definitely link to it. If I ever update the site anymore, it's been a while.

I have a lot of translated docs, Switchstance translated them but most of the copies I have are corrupt.

A while back I was thinking of adding different language sections to the forum. Think it'd be good?

The phpBB style on here is just set up to look somewhat like the old forums (wwwthreads).

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Oh yeah, that'd be sort of cool. I know some spanish. It's really easy to write in spanish. No es muy complicado. El website (?Como se dice?) de NESdev de espan~ol es muy buena. Lo siento. Okay, I don't have to be speaking spanish here, and it looks really dumb, because I don't have an IME for spanish, porque letras de Ingle's y letras de Espan~ol son muy parecen. Yeah, that's enough spanish for me. It looks retarded too. I'm confused about some congigations (Okay, how do you spell that?) of verbs, and I need to learn the difference between like alot of things.

But there seem to be alot of spanish speakers on this board, so that'd be good :).

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Funily I have a great friend that speaks spanish.
ok thanks
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most important is not having advertisements!!

currently i download a copy of phpBB 2.0.19 in spanish-english language.. and i download a style very good, with a earth planet in top and the space of via lactea.. and most important background doesnt affect the reading of site.. (design questions :) )..

i would like what when my site is finished any guys of here go to nesdev chile in order to response any asks.. yeah, i promote the hard work, the study.... then i write on my page.."if you dont study documents on internet, you dont expect that we response you"..also "dont ask questions that are already very very documented in manuals"..
Re: questions for admin
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memblers.. you dont want that people download copy of your links in main nesdev ok??

then you using php can deny downloads....!

see it:

first dont link to directly file..

(a href="file.txt")download this file(/a)

you can making it:

(a href="download.php?file='$id_file')download ....(/a)

then in download.php file, you receive this id file and expulse contents with
headers in order to download the file... and tip is inside download.php you get the file founded in a directory called by example sdjsdjdjdheyuefiolwee then the tip is that user dont know what is origin
place where your files to downloads are.

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I don't think off-site links have been much of a problem, sometimes I'll post a few myself on other forums etc. Thanks tho, I'll keep that technique in mind if I ever need it.

I can't speak spanish very well since I never get to practice, but I'd visit your forum sometimes and respond if I could.
Memblers any technical questions
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can you writing to me email giving me any responses about it??? : (i think it's confidential no?):

How can you to move one message of one specific sub-forum created by one common user to another forum using phpBB??

how size in kb is you phpBB database on nesdev conditions??
(near 291 users, 9900 articles)...

is good having guess account activated????

how size is good to avatars in order to users send avatars??

how max kb is good for avatars???

is good having avatars gallery in order to users choose from it???

And oh yes!, in nesdev_Chile, you can going to a International english forum that im making.. I think about nesdev International (your page) is good that you are creating more forums in differents languages.. and spanish forum, because it's very common...

And i was thinking in NES Interview Center for nesdev Chile, just im a dreamer, then anyday i will interview to Yoshi!, or just to you Memblers... and all guys and girls that like 6502 nes can reading it in live or just making questions.. And the best, i can being interpreter english-spanish.. ;o)

About My technique in order to block downloads.. if you are going to implement it, think about that you making one click can block downloads, and you making another click can making that people can download.

just you make a panel... or it can be automatic when bandwitch is over any range ;o)

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How do I set an avatar on this board? ;)

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You set your avatar at the bottom of your profile.

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Hey, I didn't notice the /spanish things. I dunno why the files are corrupted, those files are available tough, and I had like 100 docs more, I dunno if Luis [lord_chile] want them, but e-mail me. If someone needs this info [not corrupted] I can send those files again to Memblers.