New versus read icons similar

New versus read icons similar
by on (#108534)
Now that View active topics is working and there are now lists of topics where only some have unread messages, a little more visual differentiation between the has-unread-posts and no-unread-posts icons would be useful. I'm guessing that the icons are custom to nesdev, so there's no easy drop-in replacement that wouldn't break the consistent and distinctive color scheme.
Re: New versus read icons similar
by on (#108535)
I believe the icons are part of stock phpBB of some sort ("sulbsilver2" I believe).

phpBB 3.x offers "icon packs" (I think which come with "theme packs" or something along those lines), so if you find some you find to your liking, link them here, let me know, and I can try making a board style called "old nesdev (wwwthreads) - test" or something, and you can try that. (See User Control Panel / Board Preferences)