Topics not being marked as "read"

Topics not being marked as "read"
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This has been happening to me a lot lately. More often than not, topics remain with orange icons no matter how many times I open them.

This is really annoying because when there are many new posts I often open again things I've already read. The only way to get rid of the orange icons is to log out and back on.

Isn't this happening to anyone else?

EDIT: Even this topic, which I just posted, shows up as unread for me. This shouldn't ever happen with topics I create.
Re: Topics not being marked as "read"
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tokumaru wrote:
Isn't this happening to anyone else?

Not happening to me. Strange.

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I've noticed on several phpBB 2 sites that if I open several topics in new tabs at once, not all of them will get marked as read.

Otherwise, I'm waiting for someone to step forward and offer a continuity plan to host, including a BBS, a wiki, and static archives of the old BBSes, after Parodius shuts down. We have about a month and a half left.

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tepples wrote:
I've noticed on several phpBB 2 sites that if I open several topics in new tabs at once, not all of them will get marked as read.

It used to be like that for me, I was OK with a couple of threads not being marked, but now practically NO threads are marked as read, which I find really weird. Giving them complete focus (i.e. not opening other anything else at the same time) doesn't solve the problem, they remain orange no matter what I do.

We have about a month and a half left.

True. We still don't know where the new home for NESDEV will be.

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Is this some kind of caching proxy issue?

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Well, I'm not really doing anything differently compared to when it used to work... And from everywhere I access the forums it's the same thing.

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Strange... No problems here.

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Hum... Right now I'm using my Android phone to browse the forums and everything seems ok, things I read do get marked as read. Strange...

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Actually I'm getting the opposite effect.
When I browse this forum with my Android phone(like now), occasionally all the threads will be marked as read in a sudden, making it difficult to keep track of whether a thread has a new reply.
I suspect this is because I am usually moving during a session, and the connection will switch between mobile data and wifi once a while. The change in IP address may be a cause of this.

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I think I know what causes the opposite problem. phpBB 2 creates a new "session" whenever you log in, or when your session times out (after about one hour) while "keep me logged in" is turned on. When you're logged in, there's a newest session (the one you're looking at) and a second newest session. Everything posted before the second newest session is assumed to have been read in order to keep the (user, topic) matrix small.

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The sessions module in PHP is configured with the following settings:

session.gc_maxlifetime = 900
session.gc_probability = 25
session.gc_divisor = 100

Reference for what these do (read slowly):

Please keep in mind PHP sessions can be either server-side files (which is common), or implemented via cookies. For cookies, session.cookie_lifetime is used, which we use the default value of 0 (cookie lasts until the browser is closed).

It all depends on how the PHP application is programmed. But remember: why move to phpBB 2.x when everything here just works, right? *chuckle* phpBB... I guess the BB stands for BIG BUTTS. j/k So I believe the root cause is simply how the software is written (badly). Folks need to remember that this version of phpBB is from 2005.

I don't see any server-side session files laying around for the forum/bbs. I do see some for the wiki, but they're not stale/old.

And FWIW, I don't experience this problem, but *have* seen similar behaviour on other boards running some phpBB version or derivative.
Re: Topics not being marked as "read"
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OK I bump this, because since the move to the new forum, I have the same problem as what Toku describes.

I liked the old way that just seeing the title of the thread would be sufficient to make it "read", because I don't want to read every single thread if the topic doesn't interest me.

However, now it seems like I "have to" read a thread for it to not be highlighted any longer.
(Even worse I see no button to force all topics to be "read".)<- (edit) sorry I'm just being blind.

Any help ?
Re: Topics not being marked as "read"
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The only advice I can give is to completely clear your entire Internet cache, including all your cookies, sessions, and site preferences. Saved form data should be fine to keep. If you use CCleaner, this would be what to clear:

Applications -> Firefox/Mozilla:
[x] Internet Cache
[x] Internet History
[x] Cookies
[x] Session
[x] Site preferences

And if you use IE:

Windows -> Internet Explorer
[x] Temporary Internet Files
[x] History
[x] Cookies

The new server does appear to have PHP sessions enabled (server-side; I can see them all in /tmp), stored on server, while the sessions GC runs less aggressively than on Parodius. So this is probably a client issue.

As far as "seeing the title being enough to consider it read", I believe there is no way to change this behaviour. phpBB 2.x did it differently than phpBB 3.x.
Re: Topics not being marked as "read"
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As far as I can tell, "View new posts" implements the old phpBB 2 behavior (show posts since the beginning of your user account's session prior to this one).