Concerned about spammers? Please read.

Concerned about spammers? Please read.
by on (#91689)
I'd like to politely request that subscribers on the forum not complain about the "large influx of spam bots" that this forum gets. This complaint/concern has been brought up so many times that it's become (for me personally) quite annoying.

Here are some existing threads you can read in which I go into detail about what's going on. Please read these posts; do not skim them. They provide great insight to the situation that exists on the Internet today:

We have an existing methodology that is continually being refined/adjusted literally every single time there is a spam post. I will not go into details of the methodology because, as the other topics mention, the spammers are human beings and not robots -- thus they can read English.

We are doing the best we can given the current situation.

Please feel free to report spammers and so on if you wish, but the Moderators we have currently do a good job, and often visit the site multiple times per day.