SPAM dues to suscribing to these boards ?

SPAM dues to suscribing to these boards ?
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Could a such page be source of getting your e-mail box spammed ? My e-mail adress shows oppenly in the HTML source :

by on (#6557)
That's the old board, not the new board. But you have a valid point.

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You can log in there (it works, just noone can post, I still get PMs on there sometimes, heh), go to edit profile and put something in the 'fake email address' field. Then it won't display your real one anymore.

But yeah, that's been up for a while so the damage has been done already. Though I'm sure fixing it now would help a little bit in the future.

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THanks, I faked it now.
I usually got nearly never SPAMs, but recently I often get stupid e-mails with microsofts products for one tenths of the normal prize, and I got about twenty identical ones, all send by "another person", last two weeks.