Toms_cool - Another Spambot poster

Toms_cool - Another Spambot poster
by on (#71650)
I am reporting that ''Toms_cool'' is spamming chinese in this (phpBB Issues) forum (do not know chinese, but reportively is a spam message with links)

I think we should reconsider and think about how the spammers are going here, because some bot appears to be lurking here again, I suggest a new layer of security as a forced requirement for determining bots and humans.

EDIT: Yes, The links seems suspicious and most likely unrelated, proceed with caution!

That is all.


[Posts deleted for untranslated Chinese out of the China section. --MOD]

by on (#71654)
As far as an extra layer of security goes, over on NESForums, when you join your first ten posts have to be approved by a mod before they are shown to make sure you are trustworthy. Think that could work over here?

by on (#71655)
A "moderation queue" might work if the forum were upgraded to phpBB 3.