PM system not working?

PM system not working?
by on (#70856)
Tepples, I've sent you two PMs in the past few days. According to the phpBB system, they remain unread in my outbox. You've been online, posting, many times since the first one was sent.

Is it possible that the system never delivered them to you, or that it never alerted you to their existence? Or I suppose you could have seen them and chosen to ignore them.

If you never received the PMs, then please PM to me your email address and I'll email you off-line (if I can get your PMs...)

Thank you for your time.

by on (#70875)
In a totally unrelated issue, (I was browsing the membership list) Tepples has exactly 6502 posts. Made me chuckle.

by on (#70879)
Cool, that's a historic moment...! It will be a while before Bregalad or I can catch up! =)

by on (#70895)
The PM system is working fine. It's just that I can't properly reply to complex PMs if I'm browsing at work, so I just leave them unread until I'm in a more suitable environment.

So I guess my next goal is $2A03 = 10755. I think I made it that high on gbadev; perhaps I can make it on nesdev.