board troubles

board troubles
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Hey, I put in a temporary fix for the forum so people can post for now (just what's in the first post here: A bunch of other stuff is probably broken. According to what it says on the phpBB forum, it's not compatible with PHP5 for now. I'm guessing the server just started running that or something.

I'll be gone for a couple days, but hopefully the forum should be OK for now. I made a backup too, just in case. Thanks to tepples and Bregalad for the heads-up.

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Server's been running PHP 5 for quite awhile (months upon months).

We upgraded to PHP 5.0.1 (with some object inheritance bugs fixed in a QFE, since PHP fucked up with that one) last night, along with MySQL 4.1.15 (thats nothing new though).

Looks to me like the phpBB folks need to (pardon my french) get their shit together and stop hacking together code like they have for years. *sigh*

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Yeah, according to what it said on there, they're gonna fix it in the next major release. So I guess we'll be alright for now, unless there's gonna be a bunch of little updates before then.

If anyone finds any other troubles with it, let me know and I'll see if I can patch those also.

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Well, I'll throw this out there. It may be related. ... reference/

The PHP developers are closing bugs/tickets with status WONTFIX, which means they're standing firm on this matter. Retarded, if you ask me...

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I wrote what I wrote on 10/28 with little sleep... PHP 5.0.1 my ass, haha. I meant PHP 5.0.5, which is when this code change was introduced.

Upgrading to phpBB 2.0.18 is recommended (rather than patching existing code), although one would have to go through and re-apply the Unicode/utf-8 fixes Quietust provided. That doesn't take too long, but can be tedious.

I had another admin here upgrade the Joy Electric folks' board to 2.0.18, which fixed the issue at hand. Crazy PHP devs.....