How to look like a spammer (so don't do it)

How to look like a spammer (so don't do it)
by on (#66423)
Before you post on this BBS, please read this:

We do not appreciate unsolicited advertising. Since 2010, in response to commercial vandalism by human spammers, some administrators have decided on various guidelines to determine whether or not users are likely acting in good faith. I won't go into too much detail for fear of spilling the beans, but here are some good ways to get your new account banned or deleted:

  1. You register and don't post for several weeks, especially if you put a site selling something in the "Website" in your profile. Even though the member list and your user profile aren't indexed in web search engines, we still want to keep them clean.
  2. Your first post doesn't appear related to the Nintendo Entertainment System. Some spammers try to build a positive reputation by posting generic questions such as "what PC firewall do you recommend?" in General Stuff without making any attempt to connect their posts to the NES homebrew scene. Or they reply to someone's answer to someone else's question with a post saying nothing more than "thank you".
  3. In one of your first dozen or so posts, you make a link to a site selling something, especially if you try to hide it with [color=] tags.

Once you build up a reputation of commitment to this forum's mission, the moderators may go easier on you. Posts linking to products or services related to the established topic are mostly OK, and occasional tasteful links by regulars to interesting websites are OK in some cases.