WARNING: spambot notice - Toney850

WARNING: spambot notice - Toney850
by on (#64380)
Currently spamming about 2 advertisement testomonials in the NESDev China forum, Which is against our forum rules,

Since this type of thing happened in the wiki in the past, What move shall we do next?

by on (#64387)
Bam. Per. Sand.

Occasional vandalism is a cost of doing business on a public discussion venue.

by on (#64396)
Maybe we should take a US-style approach and lock everything down, and make people wait in a security screening line for hours before being able to make each posting. That'll show the spammers that we mean business!!!!1!1

by on (#64398)
I just use spam-trap textareas (hidden with CSS), and disallowing links in a user's first post, and my board is nearly spam free.

Also need to make the register page has the fake textboxes too, to stop stupid bots from registering.

by on (#64402)
What I always thought would be cool is a board that makes the spammer think he's successfully posted, where he can see his post and perhaps navigate, but he's really just posted to a fake board. You'd obviously only do this when you're sure he's a spammer, for example he fills in the hidden text area you mention.