Is this becoming an Atari VCS forum now?

Is this becoming an Atari VCS forum now?
by on (#49328)
From the front page:
We have 2600 registered users

Wrong console :P

by on (#49399)
lol ;-)

by on (#49401)
No, it's a 1970's technology Phreaking forum now.

by on (#49447)
Not to mention, that guy named "nintendo2600", which always causes my brain to do a double-take. Haha :D

by on (#49449)
Sad thing about that is that a lot of "registered" users were spambots that did nothing but put a url in their profile, and was kind of sad that I sat around when I was bored a few years back deleting them individually (no easy way to do it w/ one click). So I remember noticing it being '2600 users' at one point before.

Cool thing is though, I can technically say that real users are registering faster than I can delete the old spam bots. :)