can not log in

can not log in
by on (#4173)
i tried a few times to reset the pass word. i got the email and tried to log in and each time it get this:

You have specified an incorrect or inactive username, or an invalid password.

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by on (#4175)
I'll set your password to something manually, and email it to you. If that doesn't fix it, I dunno what will. Are you sure your browser isn't using auto-complete on the forms or something?

by on (#4179)
thanks, i can log in now. i dont use auto complete. i have alot if not everything disabled in the web browser. no java, no java script, and i think i even have cookies turned off


by on (#4185)
Generally speaking, you NEED to enable cookies in order to use a forum like phpBB - I think you CAN turn them off, but then you'll have to re-login every time you revisit the page.

by on (#4203)
i just check and i have cookies enabled for visiting sire only. and i dont mind logging in each vist. i never save pass words, i always enter the login each time. like for aim