Search issues

Search issues
by on (#47226)
This may be that I'm bad at using the Search tool, but it could also be that the Search tool sucks. Why is it that when I search "AI" it turns up nothing? Shouldn't it find all places where "AI" is written? Or is it something where that's too generic to search for? I know that "AI" has been written like 4000 times all over these forums, so it's not that it just isn't to be found... So what's the deal?

by on (#47227)
It seems like it could have a minimum of 3 characters. No 2 char words turn anything up, but 3-char ones do.

Oh well, luckily google's advanced search will do the trick.

by on (#47233)
Oh, well that basically makes the Search tool rather worthless. I guess I'll use google like you suggested. Thanks!