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Will this board ever allow attachments?

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It would be nice, wouldn't it? We really need it. Every time I've patched something into the forum I've ended up having to do a lot of it manually.. patches on top of patches, etc, it's kind of a pain.

Actually it's a thought I had recently.. not long ago I purchased some web hosting. One thing I'd really like to do with it is set up a file uploading area that we could all use. Kind of like, but for more than music. It would be immensely useful. If anyone could point out a particular software package I could look at, I'd definitely be interested in installing it. I don't even know where to look.

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mediawiki allows file uploading... you could use the wiki if it ever launches

there are probably phpbb plug ins which add attachment functionality as well

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While the forum and the wiki remain on Parodius, I think I'd prefer doing attachment hosting on another server because I imagine there could be a lot of large file downloads from people outside the NESdev community. The hosting I have probably isn't the fastest, but it supposedly includes 'infinite' space and transfers, and I would encourage it to be used extensively.

I think I will just contact the developers of and see what would be involved in a similar setup.