Various Issues

Various Issues
by on (#5)
You should use UTF-8 for your language packs and have other languages to choose from.

by on (#7)
You know, *I* was the one that mentioned this issue in IRC, so I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't take the credit for my ideas.

by on (#8)
Yes, your right, Q is the original owner :)

by on (#14)
I don't see a UTF-8 language pack (yes, I'm quite aware of what utf-8 is) listed on the official phpbb site:

If you have some ideas on how to get this to work, I'm all ears.

There's also some issues with the outgoing Emails... I'll have to futz around with that one. They shouldn't be coming from memblers, that's for sure.

by on (#18)
Try this: ... cid=2.html

by on (#19)
Segmented wrote:

Those have absolutely nothing to do with phpBB, and are subsequently useless to us.

by on (#22)
Ok? So disregard them, it was a quick browse, I didn't spend time on it.