url bbcode doesn't accept double quotes

url bbcode doesn't accept double quotes
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the param in a bbcode goes between the open and close of a tag

the option portion is after the = sign in the tail end of the opening tag

the option for the url bbcode does not accept double quotes in it's regex.

you need to use Easy Mod then apply Custom BBCode Mod in order to easily correct this.

the glitch fix is automatically included in the Custom BBCode Mod if i recall correctly.

by on (#30045)
Or you could just use an online URL encoder for those few URLs that have quotes in them.

by on (#30046)
tinyurl should work as well...

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atari2600a wrote:
tinyurl should work as well...

But because tinyurl and dwarfurl and the like are good for linking to a shock site or advertising MyMiniCity, a lot of forums discourage their use.

by on (#30067)
you fail to understand:


fails to parse.

by on (#30069)
Remove the quotes and it parses just fine. I know the quotes makes it more like using html, that used to mess me up when I'd type in a url sometimes, but the quotes aren't needed.

by on (#30072)
Personally, I would remove the quotes to check if it works... before warning such "problem"... ^_^;;