didn't find reported pm

didn't find reported pm
by on (#23033)
I received a mail notification that I got a pm in this board
I followzed the link and surprise! no pm in my box :cry:

What happened?

by on (#23040)
I got the same thing. I would guess a spammer got deleted...

by on (#23043)
same here
it's a trap

by on (#23047)
this afternoon (3 o'clock or so in spain) i got "my first pm sent by a bot" :shock: i reported it to memblers via pm, put i didn't got a reply from him until a few minutes ago... so may be it's not the same "user" who sent my pm....

by on (#23067)
It's a conspiracy.

by on (#23292)
Yeah, I also got a mail on 09 April 2007 13:01:46.

Just for the record ;)