Don't be a dick, with examples

Don't be a dick, with examples
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The fundamental rule of engagement in human interaction is don't be a dick. But a lot of people have trouble applying this rule, so in this topic we list examples of how to be a dick and how not to be a dick.

Dick says "What the hell does this have to do with this topic?"
Jane says "Moderator: Could you split these posts off into this other forum?"

If you feel you know Dick from Jane, feel free to suggest other examples.

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The best way to deal with dicks who don't cooperate is to remove them and their posts from the board. Giving them n+1 chances is not being nice to the general userbase. Moderators care to comment?

Oh, and another thing that anyone can do is not reply to them, especially not give useful information, otherwise you're supporting their disruption.

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WedNESDay seem to act the total other way as donknotts did.
In an other way, both extremes are quite bad, but I still prefer WedNESDay to donknotts.
It is just like asking what is the best between fachist people or drugheads. I think both are somewhat bad and annoying, and there is no way to go extreme in any way.

So for the same reason, it is just good to avoid getting too much offtopic in oreder to not annoy the person writing the original topic/or to annoy people reading the boards in general, but there should still be some freedom in the board else things aren't going to be discussed the optimal way if you're always wondering if you'll write unwelcome stuff in your messages.

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perhaps those people could have their post moderated before they are posted. but that means someone has to babysit them (or more than one person)


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Bregalad wrote:
WedNESDay seem to act the total other way as donknotts did.
In an other way, both extremes are quite bad, but I still prefer WedNESDay to donknotts.

OK! Cards on the table please. What exactly do you mean?

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Oh, I mean you're always bothering everyone for things like "this shouldn't be like that" and "this should have been posted there instead" for useless issues. It isn't all that bad, but just too annoying to exagerate it and became like a policeman. I'm not saying anyone should be allowed to do anything, and that all rules are bad, just that it is a lot more welcome to get post to answer questions and discuss interesting topics relative to video game programming and NESdev, than to get posts to critic how you acted and/or what you said.
It's nothing too personal, just seem to say that noone should be hardcore with rules and place them everywhere even if it annoy everyone, nor someone should break all rules and annoy everyone with f*** post without any meaning (yes, that was donknotts, and thanks to god we eventually got rid of him).

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My opinion:
This forums quality has decreased dramatically, when i look back for year or so i could count the number of abusive or aggressive messages by one hand.

Possible reasons to this are:
1. People practising abusive behaviour (users and yes, even moderators too)
2. Porn and drug ads (and spam in general)