For Quietust...

For Quietust...
by on (#752)
I have a minor question to ask as far as the forum software goes:

Is there a point to all of the different "Languages" options (for peoples' Profiles) now that EVERYTHING uses utf8? It seems like the only language option should be "Unicode (UTF-8)", if you know what I mean.

Right now we have English, Chinese Traditional/Simplified, Japanese, Spanish, etc. etc. etc...

I'm still learning a bit with the character set stuff, so go easy on me.

by on (#753)
The purpose of the different 'Language' options is to change the language of the interface.

by on (#763)
Gotcha! Thanks, totally forgot that part. :D

Now just to figure out how the hell to fix most of the colour scheming around here to be more friendly. The light gray text input fields for the "Log in" section and the black-on-dark-gray/purple for the form pulldowns in a post (Font colour, etc.) kill me.