Forum rules are unreadable

Forum rules are unreadable
by on (#134540)
The "forum rules" feature is used for the first time in the newly created Reproduction forum. But it's unreadable (white on light gray) in the default theme. Can some admin familiar with phpBB theming go in and fix this?
Re: Forum rules are unreadable
by on (#134542)
I'll look at it later tonight. It's probably some CSS that's missing from the "old nesdev" theme. I can figure it out.

In the meantime, if you wanna disable it (since it'll just cause a flurry of issue reports), I've copied the HTML that's relevant and can give you the go-ahead to turn it back on once I have things fixed later tonight.
Re: Forum rules are unreadable
by on (#134543)
I've temporarily hardcoded the text color in the ACP until you put the permanent fix in.
Re: Forum rules are unreadable
by on (#134560)
Took care of this. Thought I'd document where this was as well, since phpBB's terminology is confusing at times:

- The phpBB style is called "old nesdev (wwwthreads)".
- A phpBB style consists of 3 things: a template, a theme, and an imageset.
- The theme controls the CSS.
- The theme associated with the aforementioned phpBB style is called "prosilver", which is what the old phpBB software (I think) used as a default name and is what Memblers edited a lot back in the day. Don't confuse this with subsilver2!

To edit the CSS: go to the ACP, choose Styles, then on the left choose Themes (under Style Components). Under the "Options" sub-menu area, choose "Edit".

In this case, the CSS involved was all under the CSS class called "forumrules" (I just used the built-in webdev tools in Firefox/Pale Moon to determine that; Chrome has similar). I edited it to be more visually appealing, particularly by setting background-color, color, and border stuff. I also added border-radius just because. The other things (padding, font, etc.) were what came stock.

Note that phpBB styles are actually stored in two places: a) the filesystem, and b) the MySQL DB. When editing things from the GUI, you're modifying the one stored in MySQL, which takes precedence over whatever's on the filesystem. Therefore, given this methodology, DO NOT EVER use "Refresh" under the "Actions" sub-menu area when checking out themes -- doing that would potentially throw away all of our changes.

I also adjusted some of the forum rules themselves, like mentioning RFC 1855, and rephrasing the line about free software (while correct grammatically, I think it would have confused foreigners).