Server clock off by 3 minutes

Server clock off by 3 minutes
by on (#114213)
The server clock is about 3 minutes fast.
Re: Server clock off by 3 minutes
by on (#114220)
Server doesn't appear to be running ntpd. Naughty naughty... :-)

Toastman will need to fix this (preferably by installing/making use of ntpd).

For Toastman: sync the clock up first using ntpdate or rdate, *then* start ntpd. I'd strongly recommend stopping key things like mysqld when doing the ntpdate/rdate run, because time shifting +/- (especially backwards) can cause all sorts of mayhem depending on how daemons handle timechange.

The server does appear to be running 3 minutes fast, so ntpdate/rdate will cause the clock to roll backwards ~180 seconds, which is a huge jump (more than 1 full second), so I would recommend doing it with minimal (or no) daemons running.